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getting there

For most of the year our boat departs from Ochheuteal Beach at 12pm each day. On a good day the boat journey takes about two hours. We ask that you meet at the booking office at about eleven thirty and when the boat is ready we will walk you down the hill to the beach and onto the boat.

We would ask that you come dressed to swim. For much of the year you can happily wade out onto the boat, but there are times when a short swim is necessary. We have a very big waterproof box to take your bags out to the boat.

If the weather gets a bit rough we will run the boat from the port and you will be picked up at Seahorse and driven down to the boat. The boat will run to the other side of the island and there is then a 20min walk through the jungle. It is a more direct journey and the boat trip and the walk take about the same time as the more indirect route to our beach we usually take.

Normal route

Bad weather route