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getting there

For most of the year our boat departs from Ochheuteal Beach at 1pm each day. On a good day the boat journey takes about one hour and forty five minutes. We ask that you meet at the booking office at about twelve thirty and when the boat is ready we will walk you down the hill to the beach and onto the boat.

There are many other ferry services operating to Saracen Bay, on the opposite side of the island to us, so if our boat time is not right for you it is simple to take one of these ferries. Please contact our office and let them know you will not be on our boat.

Only a few companies stop at the jetty closest to our path, BuvaSea and G.T.V.C.. Our office can organise you tickets for these companies. On arrival please walk a short distance down the beach to Octopussy Bar and leave your bags with them. It is then an easy 20 minute walk to our side of the island. On your arrival we will send our staff over to pick up your bags on our tractor.

Normal route

Bad weather route